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Friday, 17 February 2012

Unplanned, unprepared and unknown...

True story...

My friend, for the purpose of writing here, we'll call her Susie, is pregnant - 10 weeks pregnant. It's her first child and the next bit reads like the script of Eastenders.

Susie has a best friend, who is a little older, but age has never been an issue and they hang out a lot together, they even work together . Boxing Day, Susie spent with her best friend and her best friend's family. Way past respectable bed time, Susie finds herself drinking the vodka with her best friends 21year old son. Trying to match a first year university student, she fails. But the evening picks up and they have fantastic drunken sex.

Next morning doesn't feel quite so fantastic and Susie makes a sharp exit, not before telling the son, she doesn't want to ever discuss it again and she'd like to pretend it never happened. Life is never, that easy, is it.

So ten weeks later and typically this pregnancy is going fantastically well. So, Susie is trying to do the right thing and tell the son, only she doesn't know if she has his right mobile number and she's left a message asking him to call her. However, he's probably just starting his friday night out so won't call now. If the mobile doesn't work, Susie has to resort to contact via Facebook.

The best friend has no idea. She thinks her friend Susie has a water infection and that is why she's not been out recently.

 I have a feeling a small corner of middle england, isn't going to be the same by the end of this weekend.

Ridiculously busy husbands advice, was to tell everyone it was a sperm donation, thereby not ruining a friendship or a young mans life. But Susie doesn't want to live with a lie...

Any top tips for Susie, we have spent the last hour roll playing the call to the young man. My top tip was don't mention the word baby or father and refer to the the situation as you being a 'little bit pregnant'. Any other advice will be passed on...

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  1. Ooh blimey, who knew that this went on in Middle England? Sounds like a storyline out of 'Mistresses'.

    I think the bloke probably has a right to know, but this won't be easy for anyone.