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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Goodbye Mr. Christmas Tree

Every year  I dread taking the Christmas tree down, I'm sure I'm not alone. It's so final, the fun is officially over. Nothing worse than seeing and then having to dodge the discarded corpses of trees littering pavements waiting for bin men. So we are thinking of starting a campaign to bring trees in at other times of the year. A potted apple tree at Easter or a small cherry blossom...no I don't see it catching on either.

At times over the last three weeks it was akin to running a guest house here. At best we had 2 hours between guests, at worst they over-lapped for lunch. Even the munckins started asking... when are we on our own again? But if you can't catch up with all and sundry at Christmas, when do you?

The top gift received by the eldest was her Swallows and Amazons dvd. It's totally charming, we now have numerous lists around the house written by the munckins, for the family pirate sailing adventure they want to go on. Typically I have already been labelled a Shipmate, whilst everyone else seems to be a Captain. Think we'll soon discover who really is the captain! Youngest thought that Santa eating a mince pie in her living room was amazing, well who can blame her.

What was the best thing your children had for Christmas or remember about Christmas?... Right...back to the tree.

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  1. I hate taking the tree down too - we have yet to do it.

    The boys? LB1 loved his Lego log cabin. You can build it in at least 3 different ways and it totally occupies him for an evening at a time - perfect. LB2 loved his superhero costume best, I think. He absolutely loves to dress up. I'm thinking maybe he'll be an actor one day.....