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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Charity...faith and hope

I remember the days when if I wanted a new top I'd buy a new top. Or going out for dinner merited a quick nip round the shops in lunch to get the perfect outfit. If only I'd savoured the experience of clothes shopping a little more, as now it is only a memory.

Things had gotten a little pathetic, when recently, I started convincing myself that my maternity clothes could be worn... without a bump. Most people were too polite to say anything, but I did find skirts almost falling off mid morning in Tescos.

Still craving something different to wear, myself and a friend - a modern mother, have set ourselves a challenge. We need to create a whole outfit from local charity shops... excluding underwear, for obvious reasons. By mid Feb we need to have assembled the outfit and then we need to see who can get the first compliment.

So this weeks finds - shoes (£12 from a local charity shop) and a necklace my daughter bought in the school Christmas Bazaar. The necklace is fun, but the shoes are a real find, I am so excited they could pass for Tod's, it gives me faith I can complete this challenge, ( incidentally not Tod's!) You can imagine my reaction when I triumphantly showed them to overworked husband, hoping he would congratulate me on my expert shopping. However, upon learning they were from a charity shop he said,  'you can tell'.

Readers, I leave it to you to judge, watch for more wardrobe additions to follow.