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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Confused at MacDonalds.

Strike day, school shut and so it's a bonus day with munckins. Their greatest wish was a trip to the nearest Hobbycraft and then a MacDonalds visit. The latter being next door and visited once before post the craft emporium.

Eldest munckin suffers from opinion paralysis when choosing jam. HobbyCraft puts the jam decision into a new light. How can it seriously take 1 hour and 15 mins to spend £5 in the place. Youngest had it sussed in 10 mins. So I indulged eldest, we didn't have a better plan, overstressed husband had forbidden me from taking them to a strike demonstration. An hour in HobbyCraft, I could feel hairs on my head turning grey. We left with typically the first thing selected over an hour before.

But then we had MacDonalds. For whatever reason I've never been a lot, maybe 6 or 7 times in my whole life, so I am always a little scared as I forget the MacLanguage.

As we wait in line, the munckins are jumping about, trying to find a seat. I'm trying to understand what I need to order. The menu being printed overhead behind the counter, I have no clue. Why can't you pick up a laminated leaflet to read whilst in the queue. Anyway...

Unusually, a young lass without spots serves us, my memory is that all staff have acne. I look at the girl and say...'I have two children, (slight pause as I realise she is not interested).... can I have one burger  meal and one chicken meal.'
She replies: 'Happy Meal?'
I say: 'Thankyou' (not realising this was a question)
She repeats: 'Do you want a happy meal?'
I note the questionmark, and mumble a ...'yes', I then ask if I can have a cheese burger meal.
Then the drinks - what do you want to drink - no where do I know the choices, so eldest has an orange juice and youngest says..Smoothie. Amazingly they sell smoothies, so then eldest changes her order.
Young lass without spots looks at me and says: Drink?
...I opt for water, everyone must be able to serve water.
We pay and before I know whats happening, young lass without spots has got three boxes on a tray, with lunch.
I ordered a sodding Happy Meal for myself!
Well I couldn't say anything, by now the two gentlemen in high vis jackets behind me were no longer being charmed by my children or my ignorance.
Ordeal nearly over, but then we sit down and obviously being the nearest MacDonalds to middle england... we bump into another class parent. With the appropriately sized and boxed food for each member of the family.

Has anyone got a MacCrib sheet? Am I the only one?

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Shopping Discount at The Handpicked Collection.

My very lovely friend Lisa has given me a shopping discount just for BritMums at The Handpicked Collection ... 15% off all shopping till December 19th. Just type in BRITMUMS when asked for a promotional code.

They do some great gifts for Dads, which is something I always struggle with. Usually, overworked husband ends up with some dull kitchen related gift, last year, we splashed out on kitchen scissors from us all, well we needed some. A little lame I know, he wasn't impressed either.

They also do those great traditional toys, the ones that are a pleasure to see strewn all over the lounge floor. Unlike most of the current plastic rubbish we have.

Pass this link on to others who you want to spread a little Christmas happiness with!


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Impressive Wednesday night FISH dinner

that is really easy as well!

Baked trout in creme fraiche from Scandilicious by Signe Johansen.

Before I tell you more about this, first let me tell you my latest quest. To move on from my predicable and boring meals. The trigger came when a 40 year old friend said, that even as an adult when he had or saw Spag Bol, he thought it was Wednesday. He grew up with a Mum who had a dish for every day of the week, that was in a 15 year loop!

Scandilicious is a great book focused on Scandi cooking, with not a sun blushed tomato in sight. Original and tasty.

So heat a small splurge of veg oil in a frying pan.
Take 2 trout fillets and put them skin side down. Flip over Squirt in the juice of half a lemon and two small dessert spoons of brandy. A minute later add 4 big dessert spoons of creme fraiche and a pinch of salt.
Transfer to the oven and bake for 15 mins max.

Serve with new potatoes.

So I didn't serve to the munckins, but overstressed husband was very impressed. If I do it next Wednesday for the munckins and then every Wednesday, will they crave Spag bol again?

Monday, 7 November 2011

Girls and Apples

Perfect Christmas gifts from Kodak, click on link below...

Check out: http://www.britmumsblog.com/KodakPrinterProjects/2011/11/share-your-project/

The easy answer at Christmas...

Stuck for Christmas gift inspiration...check out

It's so easy, just upload a picture of a landscape, beautiful children or some artistic stuff and whizz it through the application. The clever people at Kodak work out how many pages of A4 it can be divided into and then you press print. Hey presto, a normal photo suddenly looks a lot more 'arty' and could be framed cheaply by a quick trip to Ikea...Bobs your Uncle, Fannys your Aunt! ... Christmas gifts sorted.

What is even better is if you then link back to BritMums,  Kodak are giving away stuff for the best photos. 

I've got my non child photo and my child photo...see below.

I'm also thinking a few from the riotous House warming we had on Saturday, actually I'll save those for the next post! In the meantime good luck with the Kodak Photo App.