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I'm mid thirties, two smallish children, one delightful husband, one car and one mortgage kinda lady. We left the big smoke some time ago and live in one of the most charming places in England.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Just a few weeks in France

...if I hear that once more. It's the thing to do in Middle England. I think half of the playground are going in convoy to the Dordogne. Cars are packed to the gunnels, dvd players are seen as an essential and off they all go, to the mouldy damp ridden 'luxury farmhouse' they have hired.

Well obviously I'm jealous, but not of the French holiday experience.... I just don't fancy France and I definitely don't fancy some dust ridden, heavy furniture filled, small windowed dark farmhouse. Never have and I hope I never will. I find France dull, the language frustrating, the food over hyped and the people a little snotty, however I do like croissants and wine, so not all is lost. But I'm still not tempted.

I am a bit of a holiday snob, I just want the unusual, I want to see the unexpected both at the destination and in the playground, across the faces of the French fanciers. I don't want people to have already been to where I'm going. I don't want them to tell me which restaurant they like, which they didn't.

The move is the summer plan this year, I suppose I can console myself by packing the car to the gunnels. But seriously even if we weren't moving, even if we had the spare cash...I am keen to house swop with a family in Finland or a family in Moscow. I've always thought Greenland would be welcoming...you see two weeks in France ain't ever going to happen. So whilst I'm jealous, it not eating away at me.

If you are not going to France this year..where are you going?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Actions speak louder than words...

So the plan is we move in three weeks, so that gives me 504 hours to do my usual Mother, wife, job stuff,  but also ample time (overworked husband belief) to sell all the ‘junk’ on ebay. If we don’t use it sell it. If it’s still in a box from the last move – sell the box with mystery contents…

So the first thing to sell ….old maternity clothes. Overworked husband thinks we should have another child, I think a third munckin could result in borderline neglect for everyone. As much as I love babies and I don’t mind pregnancy I’m no good at birth. I know in the grand scheme of things this is a short sharp part of the process of parenthood, but it’s one I haven’t yet forgotten. You are all probably very good at it, I have a friend who blinks and she’s given birth and then skips out for dinner the next day…it  took me ten weeks to walk properly, let alone out the house, last time. I was under more observation than my new born. So another baby….not with another birth. That’s why it seems obvious…I should sell the maternity clothes.

I had spare cash when I was pregnant, so the clothes are fairly good. Going through them I found some didn’t look too maternity like. With no spare cash and no new clothes for a while I couldn’t resist trying some on. I wore a skirt to a recent party and got many complements on it. No one saw the elasticated waistband. So if you feel like you need new clothes, check out that bag of maternity gems at the back of the wardrobe. Some of the tops do work with a big belt, boho tent chic.

Anyway the ones that even my imagination couldn’t work with, I put up for auction on ebay. Of these some sold, some didn’t. The ebayers amongst us are not silly. Isabella Oliver that great semi designer maternity label, sold straight away whereas Primark didn’t even get a look in. So I made a few quid, it will help fund youngest munckins birthday this weekend. The stuff that didn’t sell,  I’m wearing to paint the new house.

I wonder, if overworked husband understands about the third child concept now....!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Four weeks till we move...

and the good news is, the stairs turned up today. I must admit to be a little scared. The 'build your own home' thing looked fun on telly. But be warned, unless you have limitless financial resource 'fun' is a very misleading term.

So we have stairs, but not; a kitchen - well not until mid September, a bathroom - currently, a ceiling in a few rooms, plumbing- seems a little missing, I know I'm starting to whinge. The kitchen is my biggest area of concern, whatever the Met Office say this year, it will be the summer of bbq's in our house. I have started to google medieval meat preservation strategies, but I don't know if Middle England sells that much salt.

It's a good thing I haven't shown you a picture of the bathroom, I don't think this post is where I will share my toiling strategies. But I'm sure you get the gist.

So the next four weeks are critical in our world. Overworked husband is not amused and I'm wondering why in my current despair, we have no red wine or chocolate in the house. 
Any stories of empathy or urban survival much appreciated.