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Monday, 17 October 2011

The gifts we give children...

I have many wonderful and some not so wonderful things that I have passed on to the munckins.
A sense of fairness, a big nose, a love of chocolate, a passion for shoes, an inability to wink (apparently this is genetic) and now dyslexia.

I've had my suspicions with the eldest for a while. She's a bright button but struggles so much with reading, writes birthday greetings as Ha99y Dirthbay, supplements Es with 3s ....all the classics. So I had her unofficially assessed, not being able to afford the £500 official test. Apparently according to the assessor it is acute and we are now looking down the barrel of private tutoring for  at least a year. I can't seriously believe I have entered the private tutoring game.
It feels very grown up!

The school are being patience with my protests for additional support, yet I get the feeling, they think I am being a bit of a pushy parent. My Step Mother labelled me a helicopter parent, I don't know what the actual definition is but I can have a guess. I don't think I am really, but then I read articles like this 

And realise that if I don't do something for the munckin now she'll apparently be labelled dim and streamed like this until she leaves school...aren't children just supposed to play and have fun...how come half of Europe don't start them in school until this age...I sense private tutoring will really eat into the holiday budget for 2012!

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  1. I'm by no means an expert, but can the school not apply for special funds to give her assistance? Seems crazy to be forced into private tutoring, surely most people couldn't afford it anyway. Good luck finding your way through....