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Monday, 3 October 2011

Book Clubs

I love my book club. It's great we really put the world to rights and spend a great evening totally removed from the dilemmas and tantrums of the school run.

But... I was away at the last meeting and the new book was chosen...Rosemary's Baby.  Nice. I do not want to read a book about a woman giving birth to the devils son. Am I being over the top or is this not a curious choice for a bunch of primary school Mums.

Anyway I thought maybe I'd blag it, I know the basic story just don't want to know the detail. Then I thought maybe I'd just accidentally double book the evening and do a no show. But then these are women I trust and count as good friends, so I can't lie.

Shall I fess up or shall I blag it? What good choices have you had recently or your book club...let me guess everyone else has read Rosemary's Baby and it was a great book club choice...


  1. Ditto. I love my book club too - we were recently assigned a book of short stories called Walking the Dog by Bernard McLafferty. no one at all liked it BUT when we got to the book club evening and starting sharing our dislikes and looking at it a bit more closely we all kind of got into it and changed our opinion. I think try reading a bit so you can contribute and see what comes of the conversation on the evening. what books previously has your club read ... we really enjoyed The Help and One Day. But we also tried Tess of the Dubervilles and enjoyed that too.

  2. I did not even know Rosemary's baby WAS a book, although I have seen the film. Seems an odd choice. My book club loved The Help, and also Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok. Next we are doing Room by Emma Donoghue - a very gripping story, although also quite harrowing.