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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The one plus of no kitchen...

is you have less washing up. So living conditions are not ideal at present. Of course I can see the potential, but the temporary cooker only produces lukewarm food. So the last three weeks have been great for weight loss. Luke warm lasagne after nearly two hours cooking, isn't a dish I see catching on.

The munckins have been very positive about the experience. I guess it is a version of more comfortable camping. You sleep in your own bed, have a hot shower/bath...yet have no TV and primitive cooking facilities.

Overworked husband being equally positive and staying in London for work more. He doesn't really like camping so I can't blame him. And me...well I want a medal when this is finsihed!

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  1. As i look at it, it was so stressful. The hot bath would be great to ease the stress.