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Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Louse in the House...

We have head lice. All of us and it is truly rank.

Eldest munckin started it. It's like a new craze at school. All is forgiven Mooshi Monsters!

In typical style I bought every single packet of head lice treatment available in Boots. I remember from being at school the stuff stinks, it burns your eyes and it kills the little critters. Fast forward 2011 and the biggest virtue of the new product selection seems to be an absence of chemicals. It's essential oils and no fragrance.  It's a mousse, a spray, it's like a deep root leave in super gloss conditioner. But does it work?

Overworked husband is not amused at all. Somehow this has become a parent failing, mostly on the maternal side. I thought by only doing a hair wash once a week, the munckins heads were not appealing to lice. I now realise the line that: 'Nits only like clean hair' is bullshit, it's a line designed to make you feel better, its another middle class feel good scapegoat. Which is great, but does make me question many more of my mantras on the subject of child rearing.

So we doused and believed we had deloused. But then we found another. My current thinking is it's impossible to get rid of them as each time you do you send your munckin back out into the breeding ground of school. So whilst a little hasty I sincerely believe this is the only conceivable major benefit of home schooling. You don't catch the 'astards in the first place and maintain a louse free zone. No disrespect to anyone who does home school, it is truly commendable, just not my cup of tea.

Incidentally another great benefit for the bald headed amongst us.

Any delousing tips greatly appreciated.

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  1. Oh, bad luck.
    It hasn't happened to us yet but I hear from people the only way to really get rid is to but their hair really short.
    Which is pretty tricky with girls....