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Monday, 25 July 2011

Just a few weeks in France

...if I hear that once more. It's the thing to do in Middle England. I think half of the playground are going in convoy to the Dordogne. Cars are packed to the gunnels, dvd players are seen as an essential and off they all go, to the mouldy damp ridden 'luxury farmhouse' they have hired.

Well obviously I'm jealous, but not of the French holiday experience.... I just don't fancy France and I definitely don't fancy some dust ridden, heavy furniture filled, small windowed dark farmhouse. Never have and I hope I never will. I find France dull, the language frustrating, the food over hyped and the people a little snotty, however I do like croissants and wine, so not all is lost. But I'm still not tempted.

I am a bit of a holiday snob, I just want the unusual, I want to see the unexpected both at the destination and in the playground, across the faces of the French fanciers. I don't want people to have already been to where I'm going. I don't want them to tell me which restaurant they like, which they didn't.

The move is the summer plan this year, I suppose I can console myself by packing the car to the gunnels. But seriously even if we weren't moving, even if we had the spare cash...I am keen to house swop with a family in Finland or a family in Moscow. I've always thought Greenland would be welcoming...you see two weeks in France ain't ever going to happen. So whilst I'm jealous, it not eating away at me.

If you are not going to France this year..where are you going?

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  1. It's the opposite here - people don't really take summer holidays at all. We're going to Canada, which I'm really excited about, then a few days in a ski resort in Vermont (the relaxing part of the trip). If you want to go to Moscow you should talk to Potty Mummy http://potty-diaries.blogspot.com/