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Thursday, 9 June 2011

We have converted...

Legoland…we were dreading it, the carpark was so full we had to park in the overflow field, the queues to get in were so slow we had lunch whilst waiting, the cost was so high we almost bailed at the last minute. So how come 7 hours later we had parted with more cash and bought annual membership!

I think we may have been drugged, the coffee had to be spiked. I remember, noting how I’d never seen so many miserable looking adults, no one was smiling except the children. The easy answer here, is that we were not the only ones who presumed inset days were school specific and so it would be quiet. For future reference inset days are not school specific but I’m guessing by the numbers – region specific.

One ride had a queue of two hours, yet people were still queuing. One ride was round a lego ‘dinosaur park’, we queued 30 mins and then we blinked and the ride was over. Even youngest munckin didn’t rate it and she was giddy with excitement about everything. Therein, is an explanation for the season ticket. The munckins loved it.

So we queued, we went on rides. The best ones were the ones we did collectively as a family – the log flume was amazing…because it was our family together having a unique shared experience. So good we bought the photo. Suddenly we got it and we were charging round looking for the rides, accepting the queues.

Leaving we realised we had to do this again, then we realised we had to buy the annual expensive pass. Now some of my fellow playground Mums will see this as a betrayal. They prefer leafy walks around the local national trust property with kids tearing up perfectly manicured lawns. Whilst I’m not saying that doesn’t have it merits, you need the other manufactured fun stuff as well.

Don’t worry though we haven’t booked Disney yet! Am I alone as a convert to theme parks with children?


  1. I'm not a convert yet. Half a day at Disney was enough for all of us - strangely the boys haven't started begging to go to such places, even though everyone around here LOVES theme parks.

  2. No your not the only convert, we give in and take them to a theme park at least once a year, and we always have a great time, I can't wait for them to get taller so they can go on the really 'big' rides! Great blog btw. Nat