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Monday, 20 June 2011

Children’s Relationships with Children...

 We all just click with some people and just don’t with others. But this isn’t some adult preserve is it,  our children do it as well.

Three-year-old munkin is a case in point. Her best friend is another little munkin she’s known since she was a baby, when they first met at nursery. At that age, nursery is a room filled with similar looking babies all crawling, pooing, gurgling, yet these two somehow singled one another out.

My youngest is nearly four and very happy in middle England with friends, nursery, pre school yet she still knows, that her best friend, is the little munkin she first met when she was at nursery in the big smoke. Guided by this, we have stayed in touch with the parents, who as an aside.. luckily for us turned out to be lovely people as well. So the two munkin friends see one another 4 or 5 times a year, but they are like your best girlfriend now. Time apart doesn’t matter, they could have been at the park playing the day before, they just slot right back into where they left off.

The bond between the two is so strong, you feel you could reach out and touch it, yet neither is four. I wonder as I write, is this a female thing? Do little boys also develop strong friendships that stand the test of time and distant in this way?

I know, possibly I’m getting a little carried away, but I don’t see this friendship fading.  But how amazing to have a friend you have known since you were in nappies together. These are truly precious friendships and ones that as a parent I will do all I can to facilitate.

As an aside, overworked husbands best friend, he met, when they were both six months old. I have another friend, who has pictures of her and her husband playing together as babies, as the Mums were friends. I’m curious…has anyone else got any nappy friend stories?


  1. Well, my son, now 7 met his 'fiance' when they were about 8 weeks old. They attend different schools and have other friends, but nothing compares to the bond they share. They seemed to single each other out from a very young age and have always, since they could talk, insisted that they will get married. So I am watching this space...

  2. I still have friends from when I was five years old at school - not before that, though. I think it must be different with boys; Littleboy 1 cannot even remember his best friend from nursery in London and he was almost 4 when we left.