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Sunday, 29 May 2011

The price of sleep

Overworked husband living up to his moniker, catches a train at 0600 everyday. Youngest munckin gets up most days at 0530, so the day starts early in middle England. She’s snuggled in the ‘Mummy Daddy bed' chatting and playing by 0531. I am vaguely aware, but basically still asleep and she always seems well occupied.

But recently we have been given a respite as youngest has started having a lie- in… till 0605. That means I’ve heard the headlines on Today, the headlines are immaterial, but it is a useful to be told what day I’m embarking on. First thought is usually, shit no bread and two pack lunches, arrgh! We have done a Tesco run before school and yes I have made sandwiches in the car in the tesco car park. Just don’t tell overworked husband, he’d be horrified.

Anyway youngest stomps into the room the way small children do.  Is Daddy here is her first question. No darling you just missed him I reply. Then the sobs are uncontrollable. I’m now fully awake, 0606.  

I try the usual; Shall we call him, he gave me a big hug and kiss for you… nothing works and then we get to the bottom of it. The sobbing, the world meltdown for 3 year old munckin is because… Daddy has taken his ipad. ‘I want the ipad’ is now the hysterical voice emerging from the sobbing mass of blonde. I want to watch Mr. Foxy (Fantastic Mr. Fox has been downloaded onto the ipad).

She’s three, I don’t have an ipad and I’m late thirties. Anyone got a spare ipad, it could buy me an extra 20 mins in bed every morning!

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  1. We have an iPad only in the evening rule - after supper, before bed. But this often means it is a struggle to get them into bath and bed. However, one bonus is that they seem to have stopped getting up early - I quite often have to wake them up for school these days....