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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

ENT Clinics ???

I must admit prior to having children I’d never heard of ENT clinics either ( Ear, Nose and Throat for the uninitiated).

It all started with eldest munckin, overworked husband and I conducted the most scientific home hearing test you can do…asking a five year old, quietly if she wanted a marshmallow. She didn’t hear us so 48 hours later we were at the doctors having a hearing test.

The equipment used is similar to kit used by opticians, in that it all looks like a relic of the old Soviet era. It’s the combination of colours and bulkiness/ugliness I guess. Anyway, imagine my emotions when after the test, I enquired of the jovial doctor if my daughter was going deaf. His reply; 'No, she is not going deaf, she is deaf'. 

Slightly shocking news on a Thursday morning, my face must have said it all. He then bounded around the room, telling me it wasn’t a problem, as it was that well known ‘Reversible deafness’. Really well known…I’ve still a lot to learn about living in middle England obviously.

Now this was a while ago and since then, we have had two trips to the local hospital to the ENT Clinic. The service there has always been exemplary, staff, doctors and nurses are kind, polite and knowledgeable. It was a moment of minor fascination, when the doctor skillfully removed a 1cm2 of wax, from eldest munckins ear.  I really am grateful for the NHS. So we have to wait a bit for the appointment. So when we get there the clinic is in what must have been temporary 1950’s accommodation. So it has paint peeling. So the door frame nearly fell off on our last visit. But who really cares, when all we need is to have good professional and qualified care and we get it.

If we think of all the places in the world where medical care is a rarity, our local ENT clinic however decrepit the building, would be warmly received. So how come when ever I mention ENT the first thing everyone mentions is the building…really who cares, it’s reversible neglect, unlike so many other ills.

If a close family member or friend suffers with deafness at any level, I wish them well and hope there experience of the NHS has been a good one.


  1. From what I've seen of healthcare in the US, the hospital buildings are really not that much better, and people pay through the nose for their insurance premiums!

  2. Good to hear someone praising the nhs for a change! You hear so much doom and gloom about it!

  3. Am so glad it got sorted out quickly, hope all ok now! NHS lacks on presentational front and on many other levels but it does work when it matters most in my experience from both sides of the fence!

  4. It's good that you were able to conduct a home test. That's what you call a responsible motherhood/parenthood. Anyway, I hope that your daughter is doing well now.

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