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Monday, 9 May 2011

The curve ball of children

I had this blog mentally written yesterday and was all set to write when the children were in bed today. It was going to follow the usual frivolousness of my world and I wanted advice on busting my 6 year old muckin when I saw her attempting to apply make up before school.

However, children have a habit of doing and saying stuff that can change the best laid plans, or in this case blogs. Walking home today, eldest muckin asked if I'd heard the story of the girl called Madeleine. Before she could continue, I knew she meant the story of little gorgeous innocent Madeleine McCann. I said I did and asked how she did. Apparently a few of the girls in her class had been discussing it at break time. Madeleine is now playground folklore.

Eldest munckin went on to tell me a school playground version of the case. The girls had been looking in bushes in the playground trying to find Madeleine. Eldest then looked at me and asked with big wide eyes, what happened in the end. If only I could have told her... they found her.

Should I be honest with her, it's no point changing the subject, she's too tenacious for that. So I told her the case, as we all know it. But now she's sad about Madeleine and now she can't sleep and now she's drawn a picture for Madeleine. Where ever you are Madeleine, I hope you are not sad, I hope you are sleeping and I hope you are drawing pictures.

Maybe I should have lied, but the world can be a nasty, mean place. What would you do?


  1. What a touching post. Now I am a parent it resonates so much more with me. Tragic. I do hope they get some resolution, but how do you explain such a thing to a child?
    Found your post via BMB website. will follow now. Am at www.workinglondonmummy.com

  2. We're getting to the age of difficult questions now too. I usually try to be honest, but sometimes honesty leads on to an even more difficult question....

    Those pictures of Madeleine still haunt me. Every time I lose sight of the boys in the playground her name comes to mind. If only there were some kind of resolution.

  3. Two years ago I lost one of my boys in a zoo in France the feeling still gives me goose bumps. I was lucky after half an hour I found him but it was the longest half hour of my life. I can't imagine how they feel.