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Sunday, 3 April 2011

It is all in the name...

Middle England.

Post the UK general election, the national BBC news had a piece on the views of the population on the David-Nick 'love-in'. One minute later and my television, was showing my local High Street to,... 'Get the views on the coalition from Middle England.' The camera panned around and I was struck by how many St. George's flags were flying. I'd never noticed them, but they were everywhere; the church, the town hall, retail outlets, restaurants,houses... I presumed at the time, they were all a political statement. Middle England has been Tory since the war.  However nearly twelve months on and the whole town is still a flutter with St. George's flags. It is just proud Middle England doing it's thing? Or is there an undercurrent of an ism...nationalism. Is the St. George's flag good or bad en mass?

So I've mentioned the 'polished turd' before; the house we bought that barely came with walls, the design, the planning permission, the building project...the 'polished turd' is how overworked husband describes the eventual result. Anyway, a friend of mine who also lives in Middle England was commenting on how they had looked round a property close to the 'polished turd'. But they were put off by the huge St. George's flag in someones garden in the council estate opposite, on the makeshift flag pole. Thinking the area less desirable because of this.

An awkward pause on her part, a canny smile on mine, she then went on to explain that although obviously near my 'polished turd', it was completely different, as being 2 doors away from the property she had looked at, 'polished turd' would be less compromised, obviously. I'm sure you can imagine the delight I took, in telling her, that I saw this St. George's flag as a continuation of a trend noted on most public buildings in the town, as well as some highly desirable residential properties. I concluded that to buy without a view of a St. Georges flag, goes against everything the town stands by. In fact I was merely swopping the view I currently have of the St. George's flag atop the Norman church, for this one. Added to that, eldest munckins birthday is St. George's day, so we might go and buy our own flag in celebration.

We both had to chuckle, but you can guess who laughed hardest and longest!

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