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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Holiday Camps

are great! I was a little hesitant at first, we'd never done them before. I have amazing in -laws who like to book in half terms with munckins for themselves. I know I'm very lucky and so are the munckins, who have this great bond with their grandparents. Anyway this Easter the in-laws were over committed, in the way the over 60's are - charity commitments, reunions, the opera in Paris?!? Anyway so we tried a camp called Kings Camp run at a local private school, as a working Mum it was the only option.

The first morning I was almost teary as I left eldest munckin, in a sports hall, filled with strangers. Other parents I'd spoken to before had said 'great great great - oh she's doing it by herself, oh.' So I was a little nervous. Fortunately when you are nearly 6, you don't have such worries, until after the event.

Canvassing opinion in the playground, pre the start of the week, was not the best preparation. Other parents whose off spring had attended the same camp last year said; Mothers of boys -  ' it was great loads of activities, Bob/Fred/George etc really enjoyed it, of course he was with his friend.'
Mother of girls - 'It was a bit much, a lot of running around, of course she was with her friend.'

So Monday morning, 0915 we are sitting in the car park of the local private school. It was like the first day of term...for me. Eldest didn't appreciate what the fuss was about on my side. How many times do you have to go through a lunch box!

Six and half hours later and eldest had been swimming, played cricket, parachute games and done some craft. Perfect day, much more exciting than being at home with Mummy. The format was more or less repeated on day 2 and we are still very enthusiastic.

I guess sometimes as parents we rely too much on others and their experiences, when sometimes we just have to do something and try it because it works for us. So if you are worried about holiday camps or already organised enough to be thinking about summer camps, I'd recommend Kings Camp if it operates in your area. But don't be guided by me, as you ultimately have to do what you have to do. I bet it usually works out though, doesn't it?

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