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Thursday, 7 April 2011


The munckins are girls, I don't know if I've mentioned that before. So this means living in Middle England and being Middle Income, they do ballet. Eldest muckin has been at one ballet class or another, since the age of three and youngest started about a year ago. It has been clear from day one, that I have not bred two junior Darcey Bussell types. Unlike eldest munckins best friend, who at the age of five, is being sponsored to do ballet as her skills, have been recognised by whoever recognises these things. I've never seen her dance, except to ABBA in her living room, but seriously can you recognise ballet skills in a five year old?

It reminds me when I was younger, my parents put me into every class imaginable to find my 'thing.' Nothing, nada, but what it does mean, is I have a very basic skill level in a variety of things; horse riding, iceskating, gymnastics, ballet, tap, roller skating, piano, lace making, knitting, swimming, tennis, cross country running...I was signed up to more clubs for more hours than I was in school.  Ultimately I think the biggest skill that came through, was the ability to small talk with anyone, anytime!

Anyway, I found myself sitting through 1 hour 45mins (both classes) worth of parent watching ballet classes for munckins yesterday and maybe it was cute once... but I'm over it. Don't get me wrong I smiled, took too many pictures, video clips (mainly to show over worked husband who still has a novelty "isn't it sweet approach' to these performances). But the music has been the same for the last three years, maybe they are slightly more coordinated, but ultimately they do the same stuff.

Maybe I should take the tip from my parents and move them on to something else, any suggestions?


  1. hi,i've gave you a award on my blog,please take a look :)http://clairejustineoxox.blogspot.com/2011/04/so-pleased-to-get-these-awardsnot-1-but.html

  2. I think if they enjoy it, that's what counts - even the ones who are really good are not really going to become Darcey Bussell, are they (and who would want that - have you seen Black Swan?)

  3. I think lots of little girls want to be ballet dancers at some point. I don't know anything about ballet but I would definitely say age 5 is young to be scouted as the next best ballerina.

    CJ xx

    1. Yes Crystal your right. My daughter insisted that she wants to enroll to gymnastics for toddlers this coming summer because she wanted to be a ballerina.