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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spring has sprung...

Well I can't speak for everywhere but middle england is looking perfectly charming. Daffs are out, ice cream chimes can be heard, eldest munckin is wearing the summer dress everyday to school...surely summer is but a hop skip and jump away.

Maybe that's why I embarked on the spring clean this weekend. I did try and enrol helpers, but no surprise munckins were unimpressed. But what should I expect a 3 and 5 year old to do around the house? I have a very conscientious-Mum friend, who already has her 5 year old...BOY...chopping vegetables, loading the dishwasher, putting clothes in laundry baskets etc.

 I know I could introduce something and start the exceptionally dull star/sticker chart thing but I never have the patience for them. I usually forget by day four and then the munckins do, we then have to just stick a load of stars/stickers on in one go. Mainly to impress overworked husband about the munckins success, my good parenting and the value of the chart.

But you know spring cleaning is actually alright, almost satisfying as you get to achieve something almost instantly. With this thought in mind, mostly because I definitely have one follower, I wanted to start a rating for the top 5 most satisfying household chores, will we see geographic, economic or social differences? I don't know and really I don't care, I just want to know that I am not totally losing the plot. In reverse order;
5 - filling the dishwasher - as you get rid of dirty plates etc from a worksurface. So it's tidying and cleaning in one.
4 - polishing shoes ( not tech. spring clean but..) instant results.
3 - hob cleaning - gets rid of any annoyance you have toward anything
2 - dysoning ( is that a word?) - you know what I mean. Such a great bit of kit.
1 - all time favourite that can be done anytime of the year - defluffing the tumble dryer. Prior to the tumble dryer were my clothes thicker as they weren't defluffed in a tumble dryer? Who knows, but it is good. If you don't have a tumble dryer, I apologise as I will have lost you now, get one and then you'll see. To think I initially didn't want one, when overworked husband suggested it. The affection others show to dogs or cats I show to the tumble dryer.

So let me know, am I mad or is there something good about cleaning?


  1. I must admit I've always been rubbish at sticking to those charts. They are a fab idea though but I forget about them very quickly so they just dont work in my house. Found you on BMB so stopping by to say Hi x

  2. Ooh, I wouldn't know, cleaning has most definitely been outsourced in this house. Although I do love the tumble dryer - how I lived without one before, I don't know. (Well, actually I do know. All those clothes drip drying on racks - our house was full of them.)

    I just bigged you up on Twitter by the way -hopefully you'll get lots of new followers....!