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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The party...

is only 1 and half weeks away. This is eldest munckins and we are all involved in the all consuming party planning activity. Summed up by the words 'Stop what you are doing Mummy, we need to make a party list now'. That was yesterdays instruction and who am I to say no. She likes to tick lists at age 6...

So the big dilemma this year has been the theme of the party. Eldest wanted to invite girls and boys, unlike most of the other parties that seem very gender specific. I personally think this is a shame and so have encouraged mucnkin with the mixed invites. But theming has been a tricky subject; boys don't want a Hello Kitty party ( flavour of the month in Middle England) and girls don't want a Ben 10 party, so the answer should anyone ever be in this position is...Hawaiian party. Big bold flower prints, a nod to surfboard decorations and Bobs your Uncle, the perfect mixed gender 6 year old party theme, that is sure to please all.

Now the theme is established we have daily updates from eldest on food requirements for a Hawaiian party, give me a break, of course she will get the usual ham sandwiches, but in the interests of broadening the mind we are learning a lot about the likes and dislikes of the people of Hawaii. Is this some genius educational tool I've hit on...eldest now knows that Barak Obama, is the American President and he was born in Hawaii. All I need now is to encourage the school to do a genius test based on facts on Hawaii and we are laughing.

It does also mean we can incorporate the fab cartons from Rubicon - guava, mango, lychee as they qualify for tropical.  Added to that it has meant wasting more hard earned cash with partyrama.co.uk and their tablecloths, scene sets etc.

Another plus of this theme is the music, Magnum PI theme tune has been playing a lot, along with Hawaii Five-O. Perfect musical statues music.  Any other good Hawaiian tunes or good Hawaiian facts, let me know.


  1. When I was small we used to eat something called Ham Steak Hawaiian. Basically a piece of gammnon with tinned pineapple on top. Sounds vile, but I absolutely loved it as a child.

  2. The joys of party planning, Welcome to the world of blogging. You now have 3 followers.

    I am also new to blogging check mine out if you get a minute.


  3. Ah, Magnum PI. What memories. Hope the party goes well.