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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It's a long drive from the Alps to Middle England...

The holiday is over for another year. More importantly the 12 hour drive is over for another year. The car was packed, we were ready and we were on the clock. Not only did we have a fixed Eurotunnel time slot 9 hours away but there is only one road out of the mountains. Therefore, changeover day in resort means, if in your own car, you either leave super early or super late, or you risk a monumental traffic jam on twisty turney roads to go 10 miles.

So we left early... or rather we would have done, had eldest munckin not had one of her retail moments. She loves shopping and declared she needed to go to a particular shop prior to leaving to spend her 5 Euros. Fine for most people, a maximum 3 minute experience. However, eldest munckin can spend days deciding what jam she's like for breakfast. So parting with her own 5 Euros gave us sufficient time to get a coffee and watch everyone else head off ahead of the queue.

But, faced with the prospect of 9 hours in car, whinging about not having gone to the shops, we were left with no choice but to indulge.

Most of us Middle England Mums and others, do the drive to some part of France with small children. Everyone has a tactic. Traditionally we have done overnight drives. Overworked husband hits the Red Bull and off we go. However returning home we travelled all day - 12 hours in total in the car. No videos, no sweets, endless eye-spy, arguments between munckins about music choices; eldest favouring ABBA and Hannah Montana, youngest going with The Killers or total silence. The latter option, after 2 hours of ABBA, I could see where she was coming from. So I have temporarily renamed munckins as 'pop' and 'rock' chick respectively.

Of course they have seen the headrest TVs in other cars, but they know ours doesn't work like that. Now obviously I know they are attachable to any vehicle, but where will it end?... Sitting in a supermarket car park, 5 miles from your house,... waiting two hours for the end of the next Disney classic?

So we did it old school and we all survived.

Incidentally if anyone is heading to the Northern French Alps, particularly the Portes du Soleil region... ditch the skis, pack a sun hat and hiking boots instead.


  1. Pop and rock chick, too funny you could write a whole post on that :D

  2. Ah I remember doing that drive - on the same night as you I think! We have given in now and use portable DVD player on longer trips - I now know the script of Ice Age 2 off by heart.